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GRANITE LINK Wi-Fi connectivity

App monitoring

Long-lasting battery

119,00 sin IVA

Wi-Fi portable Access point, pre-configured for Blueshape batteries control.

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GRANITE LINK AP is a portable Access Point that generates a dedicated Wi-Fi network recognized by GRANITE batteries by default. It allows any device such as a smartphone or a tablet equipped with our free App to connect and control in the field all batteries at the same time. It is powered by a generous 36Wh battery pack, giving full operations for hours. It can also work as a portable power bank since it is equipped with a 5V USB port, available for charging medium/small portable devices. Thanks to the cordura-like case, it is conveniently wearable for maximum freedom of movement.

How it works:

All the new GRANITE TWO and GRANITE MINI battery packs now feature Wi-Fi connectivity that transmits battery data in real time. An operator, camera assistant or technical director can easily monitor the status of nearby batteries without the need to physically handle the battery. Multiple batteries can be monitored simultaneously from a single device.

Additional features through the App allow to Identify, Lock, Unlock and Connect to a different network. An innovative Rental Mode is available to limit the period of use when battery are leased. Everything available at your fingertips through Apps that work on iOS and Android smartphones and tablet.

Remotely check the charging status and remaining usage time in real time based on actual charging conditions. Watch the pack inner temperature, the single cells voltage level and the cycle counter.

All batteries connect to the same Wi-Fi network so that one or more smartphones with the App installed can connect and receive data from all the batteries at the same time without the need of special pairing procedures.

Avoid unauthorized use of your battery packs by locking when not in use. They will stop releasing any power although enabled to charge. Password protected.

Limit the usage of the battery packs that you rent to just the period your customers have paid for. When these expire, whichever comes first if both are set, the battery pack will stop releasing power. The user is always notified of the residual runtime through the App.


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Customize your setup as needed, by temporarily changing each battery name and rearranging the list to help you to easily identify the battery in use.

Push a button on the screen and make the topmost RGB LED of your battery to flash to spot it easily among the other.

Receive alerts when batteries are close to empty or close to full.

App available for iOS and Android:
App Store
Google Play

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