RED® Approved

Data Exchange with RED® KOMODO

Replaces CANON BP-975 and BP-955

4-step LED battery gauge

Enhanced 69Wh Capacity

150,00 sin IVA

DV lineup battery for RED KOMODO cameras 69Wh

Available on backorder

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  • Nominal voltage: 7,4 V
  • Capacity: 9600mAh / 69Wh
  • 4-step LED battery gauge
  • Size/mm [in]: 38,3×70,3×60.8 [1.5×2.77×2.39]
  • Weight: 302g (0.66lbs)

BMBP975plus is fully compatible with RED® KOMODO. When the camera boots up, it doesn’t show the alert screen, and when in operation the battery communicates the residual capacity and runtime on the camera display. Additionally, when the battery capacity approaches a critical state of charge (≤ 3%), the battery alerts the camera to initiate an emergency shut down to safeguard the data.

BMBP955plus and BMBP975plus are made in-house with proprietary BMS and logic using high quality cells.

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