BLUESHAPE is a European brand of professional video power systems. Known for their high quality and technological excellence, BLUESHAPE batteries stand apart from the rest with their advanced technology, designed to increase the power output, service life and battery life.


BLUESHAPE is a manufacturer company based in Reggio Emilia (Italy), established in 2004. The initial self-manufactured catalog consisted only of batteries with ISO 9001 certification, that were widely accepted for their quality and durability. BLUESHAPE decided to explore other fields of work and expanded its portfolio with chargers and accessories such as camera mounting plates, followed by innovative software systems for battery monitoring and testing.


BLUESHAPE makes the best performing V-Lock and 3Stud batteries and fastest chargers available on the market. Their main interest is that their products are of great value and with innovative features. BLUESHAPE short-term goal is to continue to expand, and improve the services offered to its customers, in order to provide them with highly reputable and trusted products.


BLUESHAPE is present on all continents through its worldwide dealer network, to promptly supply every corner of the world. Inercia Tecnología Audiovisual, S.L. is the exclusive BLUESHAPE distributor for Spain.


BLUESHAPE batteries have the characteristic of being high-performance and practically indestructible thanks to the rubber sheath that runs along their entire perimeter. They are thus able to withstand large shocks and traumas, resist underwater at great depths and above all make it impossible for dust to enter.


BLUESHAPE batteries have an autonomy above average, so as to guarantee filmmaking lovers the necessary peace of mind in managing their work and to always be able to count on a durable and high-performance product.


BLUESHAPE batteries have internal lithium cells protected by a shell that isolates them from the outside. The battery electronics is constantly active in keeping the cells in a perfectly balanced state in terms of voltage and capacity in order to maintain the necessary equilibrium for the battery to perform and last longer.


BLUESHAPE batteries are studied and built by a team of experts projected towards innovation and design. The continuous research of materials, features and software gives BLUESHAPE products development and performance.

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